What Type of Roof Is Best for Hot Climate?

Roofs are more than just protecting you from the sun. Poorly made roofs can become hotter and crack more quickly. It also transmits heat directly from the sun through the roof and into the house. This process increases energy costs due to home cooling. Certain materials are less efficient than others.

Terra-Cotta Tiles & Ceramic Roofs

This roofing material is very popular in the Southwest. It has nothing to do with its appearance. However, terra-cotta can be a great choice for anyone looking to recreate the Spanish colonial style. Terra-cotta is Italian for “cooked earth”, and this baking process in a high-temperature kiln gives these tiles their weather-resistant properties. Clay tiles can withstand heat for centuries and have been known to last up to 50 years.

Concrete Tiles and Slab Roofs

Concrete is a great choice for people who want the thermal properties of Terra-cotta, but don’t mind the cost. Concrete is thicker than terra-cotta, which means that it takes longer for the sun to heat and therefore absorbs heat more slowly into your home. Concrete slabs are a great option for hot-weather roofs, but they can be expensive.

Metal Roofs

Aluminum, steel and copper roofing products are frequently manufactured from recycled materials; in fact, aluminum roofing systems often contain recycled soda cans, which has a natural appeal for environmentally-thinking homeowners. However, there’s more to it. Energy-efficient aluminum roofing systems that are energy efficient include an airspace between the metal panels, and the decking. This is especially important in hot climates where cooling costs make up the majority of homeowners’ energy bills.


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