Packing The Small Stuff

When a Black Label Moving Co. truck comes to transport your belongings, you’ll want to ensure you’ve followed our itemized guide to packing listed below. This list highlights the easiest ways to move your small items such as books, clothing, kitchenware, and lamps. You can also follow along with our instructional videos that highlight tips and tricks for a seamless move!


Start by laying books flat inside the box and alternate bindings to prevent spine damage. Only use small boxes for books since they get heavy very quickly. Obviously, if you use a big box you can fit more, but you may not be able to physically move the box.

Use small paperbacks to fill in the sides of the box if there is extra space, or you can add in small light items that are not too delicate.

Suggested Materials: Packing Boxes, Small or Medium.


The easiest way to move clothing is to use wardrobe boxes that have a bar to hang the items on. Move clothing on hangers straight from your closet into the wardrobe boxes. Shoes can be packed in the bottom. Clothing in drawers can be packed in Flat Wardrobe Boxes or in a regular box.

Suggested Materials: Wardrobe and Packing Boxes.


The kitchen is the heart of a home and also contains some of the most fragile items you’ll pack.

To avoid damage, Individually wrap items in bubble wrap or blank, inkless newsprint sheets. Put layers of cushioning between each plate and bowl.

Fill the top with a crumpled blank, inkless newsprint. (Using printed newspapers could leave ink on your china.) Use partitions and pads to separate delicate items and protect your glassware and china.

Suggested Materials: Dish and Glass Pack Boxes, Newsprint, Bubble Wrap.


Let there be light! Remove all lightbulbs and the harp before packing lamps if possible and reassemble them after unpacking.

Always box lampshades separately with plenty of bubble wrap or blank, inkless newsprint sheets.

Pack lamps in an upright position for ultimate protection.

Suggested Materials: Lamp Boxes, Newsprint, Bubble Wrap.

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The foundation for a successful move is packing to perfection. While it can feel tedious and even strenuous to pack your entire life into boxes, doing it the right way will spare you from frustration at the beginning of your next chapter.

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